September 12, 2017

  1. Workout app with customer music. The app takes your favorite music from your playlist and plays it, overlaying workout routines with verbal cues. The app would function as a marketplace where coaches would be able to prepare and design workout routines, and load them up. The routines could be overlaid over your own tracks, or music picked by the routine creator. First Steps: figure out music licensing situation if the music is provided, talk to people at the gym to see what they think about this, make a static audiofile to test this out.

  2. Teeth grinding monitor app. This one is simple, and app that listens at night for teeth grinding and sounds an alarm if it detects you are grinding your teeth. This is more of a diagnostic solution, not a preventative solution. First Steps: see if the microphone in a normal smartphone is sensitive enough to pickup the sound.

  3. Premium phone case design company. Ok, this is more of a wish than an idea, as such already exist, but they all suck. One of the main problems is that all of them are working with leaked phone prototypes, so the attention to detail on most phone cases is far from perfect. I want a company that weights until the phone is released and then makes a case that's perfectly fitted, and designed to complement, rather than just cover up the phone's design. First Steps: move to China and start the company. Market it on social media.

  4. Polycarbonate screen protector film marketed to aviation pilots that want to wear polarized sunglasses while flying and still be able to see the LCD monitors in the cockpit. Polarized sunglasses have a tendency to block the visibility of LCD screen when you tilt your head at certain angles, but simply placing a Polycarbonate film over the screen scatters the light again to the point that you can see it at any angle with polarized sunglasses. First Steps: cutout some film protectors and see what pilots think about it.

  5. Baseball "ball time" camera. Ok, baseball is seriously boring, maybe it's just me, but I think it could be more exciting if we had an ability to see the ball as it travels from the pitcher to the batter. To do this we can install a line of cameras in the ground, and use a laser range finder to track the ball. The view would be of the ball flying in slow motion through the air. First Steps: pitch this to some baseball people, make a prototype rail to show how it could look.

  6. Bathroom tile tablet. A bluetooth speaker and e-inc controller that can fit inside a footprint of a standard tile in a shower. This way you can remove one of the tiles and install this device flush with the wall. The frame would be cemented in, but the device would be removable to recharge the batteries or upgrade the unit by pressing on the device to pop it out. Basically it's like a built in and elegantly designed shower speaker with ability to stream anything from your phone. First Step: 3D print a prototype, test it out. Take pictures and market it to see if there is an interest.

  7. Story (movie or book) that explores the idea of visitors from space that are so advanced that they have achieved singularity. Managing their entire culture shares one collective mind. They come and want to gift this collective mind technology to humans, but humans react extremely negatively to this idea, and think that they are being enslaved. First Steps: outline and write it up as a short story, see if there is enough of an idea to make this into a script or a book.

  8. Designer platform for young designers and engineers to post their products and promote them, similar to Kickstarter, but with a twist. The idea is to design a product, promote it and get a bunch of likes and possibly refundable pre orders, and then have professional manufacturing companies bid to purchase the product and the brand, and fulfill those orders. The manufacturing companies can see the level of development in the product, and bit accordingly. First Steps: pitch this to a few companies I know and see what they think of it.

  9. Apple Watch and iPhone app that randomly shows you pictures of cute animals. Ok, this one might be simple, but I know some people who would really love this app, and it helps with depression for some people. First Steps: this one is simple, just make it as an app and a website.

  10. Copywriting platform that allows marketers to post their products and people can write copy about the product. If the marketer likes what they see, they can hire the writer or just pay to purchase what the author has written so far. This can also work for marketers who want to post high res white background pictures of their product, and have people photoshop ads. If their ad is picked, they pay a predetermined amount, and have an option to hire the author for additional work. First Steps: see if something like this exists, pitch it to authors and get feedback.