September 9, 2017

  1. Architectural plans website that allows architects to post different plans for homes that they have drawn up in the past. They can post the renderings of the house, estimated costs, compliance with local regulations, etc. People can view the plans, and buy the full scale sets and hire the architect to modify the plans to suit their location from the website. This way you can find a house you like, and then just hire an architect to customize it for your location. Have building firms bid on contracts to build the house. First Steps: find out if something like this already exists.

  2. Messaging service with face detection. Ok, this one is a little creepy / silly. But upcomming iPhone's face detection tech got me thinking, what if you had a service where you can message someone with a message where parts of the message are only visible the phone detects that the owner is looking at it. So, you can send 2 pictures, if the owner looks at the message, both pictures are visible. But if someone else does, only one of them shows up. Perfect for cheating spouses, drug dealers, and teenagers sexting! Firsts Steps: research the face recognition API, go from there.

  3. Desktop prank game that simulates the mouse pointer when you are not using the mouse, and animates a cat that runs out from the edge of the screen, attacks it, and eats your mouse pointer. Ok, this isn't much of an idea, I just want to see that, and install it on my wife's computer. Much like the mid 90s eSheep virus/game. First Steps: find an illustrator, code it.

  4. 360 degree camera installed on a helmet for the NFL players, so fans can review the plays in VR. Not much of an NFL fan, but I think this could be wildly popular with fans, and HNF could make bank from this. Deliver this over the internet. First Steps: figure out how to get the footage from the camera during play. Real time is unrealistic, but some sort of delayed dump, perhaps over directional WiFi should be possible.

  5. Minibar at the bar! Have you ever been at a really busy bar where it's taking you for ever to get a drink. You came there to spend some time with your friends, but you are spending 10-15 minutes just waiting on a bar tender. It's especially annoying if all you want is a few bottles of beer. A minibar setup solves the problem. You get a wristband when you enter the bar and they check your ID. Along the walls of the bar there are slide over fridges with beer taps, beer bottles, sealed shots and wine glasses (see idea 6) lined up. You scan your wristband, open the door, and grab what you need. The display above the fridge shows you the price of the stuff you have taken, you scan your bracelet again to acknowledge the charge, and you are done. First Steps: check patentability and if anyone is doing this. Perhaps try a pilot program with a prototype.

  6. Single use shot glasses and wine glasses. This is a co-idea for the above mini fridge idea. Sell liquor shots and wine pre poured into glasses, with a plastic or aluminium seal stretched over the top of the lip. The glass can be designed to have an outward curving lip to facilitate seal attachment. The glasses would be reusable, to avoid waste. Benefits include quicker service, and it also prevents spiking of the drinks. First Steps: I have seen similar concepts but with plastic single use glasses, and for wine only. See if anyone is doing this already, try pitching it to a liquor brand.

  7. Ok, as long as I am trying to put bartenders out of business, and for the lack of any better ideas, how about a drink mixing machine similar to the soda mixing machine. But to attract attention you make it supermechanical with moving gears and a actual martini shaker that moves back and forth. Give it a steampunk design. It can be used with idea number 5 above. It would obviously serve a limited number for drinks and would be mostly for entertainment purposes. First Steps: draw up a prototype by hand then in cad. Show it to people, get feedback. Make it!

  8. Minimalist boot with thin kevlar or polymer upper to prevent snakebites. I often go on hikes in areas that have snakes, but I don't like to wear boots or shoes that prevent you from feeling the ground. I have seen snakebite boots, but none with minimum tread. I might be a market of ONE, so not sure if this is a great idea, but I want it ;) First Steps: do some more research, maybe make my own.... somehow.

  9. AirBnB like service for high end stuff. Do you have fancy sunglasses, watches, dresses, purses, shoes, or other personal apparel stuff that you are not using? Why not rent it out and make money? The service would insure the transaction, act as an escrow, and take a cut of the rental fee. First Steps: see if this already exists, make a landing page, advertise, and see what kind of interest it can generate.

  10. Holiday decorations rental service. Every day you can have a large box of new holiday decorations either sent to your house or picked up at a local depot. Ok, I couldn't care less for holiday decorations, and this probably already exists, though I haven't seen it. Also, the economics of the idea could be flawed, but I need a 10th idea so I can start my Saturday, so here it is. Plus, some old people might absolutely love this idea! First Steps: see if this exists, if it's economically feasible, and I guess just do it. Costume rental stores exist, so this should probably work as well.