August 26, 2017

  1. A book / movie about a world where people live in the Matrix like VR environment. The average human lifespan is still roughly 200 years, but to prolong their life, many people resort to "time slicing." Time slicing is a technique where an AI controls an avatar 90% of the time, and the human is awakened only once a day or so to sync the memories and to be consulted on inputs. As a result, from a human point of view, they make all the decisions but can live 10 times longer. However, the story is told from the point of view of the AI, and how it deals with not really being in charge of it's own destiny. First Steps: write a treatment for the main character and an outline.

  2. A service that takes a URL and converts it into a iOS and Android app wrapper code with push notifications capability managed by the company. This allows anyone to quickly convert an existing mobile website into an app. Make money from Push notifications and Store insertion fees. First Steps: I looked for this, but didn't find anything that worked really well, or even marginally well. Do more research, if nothing, see how hard it would be to develop a basic wrapper with push on iOS.

  3. Wall clock with either an E-Inc or OLED clock face (e-inc would be more efficient). The clock connects to WiFi and pulls appointments from your calendar, and shows them on the clock as icons or free time. Different visualizations are possible. First Steps: check if it exists, if not, make a digital mockup and test market it.

  4. Service that allows operators of older, perhaps now outdated cameras to convert them to smart cameras with real time AI monitoring and notification. Box takes in older analog signals, encodes them, and sends them to a central server where AI monitors the feeds for unusual movements. Notifications with video clips are sent directly to guards via smartphone app. First Steps: check if it exists, talk to security companies to gather opinions.

  5. Running shoes with replaceable outer treads. The treads can be attached with tongue and groove connector similar to the zip lock bag, and a intertwine connector like on the lock type velcro. Benefits are that you can replace the treads every 200 miles without having to replace the entire shoe, which is eco friendly, and nice for your foot. First Steps: check if it exists and if it's patentable. Pitch to Nike.

  6. Save anything public database backend. Are you writing a webapp that is mainly JS, and the only server backend you need is to save some user settings and data? This would be the service for you. The database would provide a RESTFul API to pull and push values and handle simple authentication. First Steps: research similar solutions, make a demo, test market it.

  7. Book about a college age girl who while interning in a physics lab accidentally triggers a door to a parallel reality universe, and falls through it. The parallel universe, by a happy coincidence, has the capability to sustain human life, but is different in every other conceivable way. Basically this is an update to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. This world is occupied mainly by robots and AI altered intelligent animals. The backstory is that AI came to be when humans of this universe developed it, but then humans became extinct due to an event that no one wants to talk about. The robots lost their purpose in life, to serve humanity, and they collectively decided to create biomechanical intelligence augmentation devices for remaining biological creatures on the planet. Of course, the various creatures, immediately after becoming more intelligent and learning how to talk, declare war on each other. Main character drops into the very middle of this war, and struggles to return home. First Steps: write character and world treatment, write an outline.

  8. Command line interface to everything. Write a tool for the Mac / PC that allows you to create command line driven macros for apps like Photoshop, Word, etc. The tool would present a command line where you can enter a string of macros, and they would be executed in the program of your choice. First Steps: check if exists, probably doesn't. Figure out how to hook into functions of apps, or interact in different way. Applescript is nice, but not supported by all the apps.

  9. 2 Stage belt final drive for motorcycles that eliminates belt stretching by aligning secondary output with the rear swingarm pivot point. On many motorcycles the transmission output sprocket is slightly forward of the swingarm pivot point. By installing a through shaft through the middle of the pivot point and adding 2 sprockets on either side the tension problem can be solved. First Steps: check if patentable (prior art), probably, but why no one uses it nowadays?

  10. Come Back Later plugin for Chrome. A plugin that takes a screenshot of the currently opened tab and stores it and the URL into a list of websites that you don't quite want to bookmark, but you have a feeling that you might need to come back to. First Steps: check if it exists, then write this if not. I need this :)