August 27, 2017

  1. Book or movie about Aliens landing on earth. They say they are explorers, and generally appear to be benevolent. We believe them. They look like mid size octopus like creatures, different from the green men we expected to see. They build a more powerful space ship and take some of the scientists from our world to theirs. On arrival, it turns out that the alien looking creatures are actually just biological robots designed by the very human like inhabitants of the real alien world. First Steps: just a concept here, not a full idea. Develop further.

  2. Sticky shock sensor for kettlebells and other weights. The shock sensors would record your workout intensity and would glow different color depending on the rate of acceleration change. This allows you to work on control and intensity. Smartphone app would monitor all the results via Bluetooth. First Steps: check if it exists, if not, can it be patented. Make a simple prototype.

  3. Pull-Up bar with a built in weight sensor that can record your weight and also look at your pull-up intensity and remind you to slow down while lowering for better workout. Communicate via BLE to smartphone for results. First Steps: research prior art, patent if possible, make prototype.

  4. Simple device that can be added to regular hanging curtains to make them automatic via BLE phone control. Device would be battery powered, with a roller on one side, motor on the other, and a fishing line between the 2. Small, and easy to bland in behind the main part of the curtain. Perfect as an alarm. First Step: research if someone makes this already. They should, but I haven't seen it. Make one and market it via Kickstarter.

  5. Similar to the Amazon order button, but for everything, and not tied to Amazon. Basically a system where you place double sticky BLE buttons with coin cell battery throughout your warehouse or business, and your employees can just click the button to indicate that some area of the warehouse needs attention, a product needs to be reordered, etc. The button communicates via BLE to their company phone / ipad, and from there to the main server that knows what to do about each button. First Steps: see if this exists, if not, make a prototype and test it with some companies. Alternative: same, but with QR code stickers and phone app.

  6. This is an idea for large stores like Walmart or Target. Add a function to the company app that allows people to scan a barcode on the price tag of any given item to report to the store that they are out of that item on the shelves. If the store has more of that item in the back, they can tell the customer that an employee can deliver them that item from the back in a few minutes. If not, they can tell the customer when that item is expected to be restocked. First Steps: check patentability, patent it, make a simple demo, demo to store owners for smaller stores, move on to demo it to bigger companies.

  7. Home improvement rental store. There are rental counters at Home Depot, but the products they have there are mostly for pros. Have a rental store that will rent you simple things, like hammers, screwdrivers, and general tools. Also specialty things like wire pullers, painting rollers, white blankets to cover the floor, etc. Charge based on reputation, and have security deposits for damaged tools. First Steps: check if this exists, and if not, if it ever existed and why did it fail, if it did. Maybe try it in a large metropolitan area. Alternative: this can be an online only service with a dropoff and pickup for a fee, or a warehouse with a pickup counter.

  8. Sensor that clips onto your shoe or belt and warns you via a phone app if you are running too aggressively and causing too much shock to your knees. There are ways to run on the ball of your foot that causes the least amount of stress to your knees, but it's hard to remember to do that all the time, especially when you are just starting out. This sensor would periodically remind you. First Step: check if this exists, if not, patent and make a prototype.

  9. Book or movie that explores a world where people are amortal, meaning they live for a very very long time, and all look like they are in their 30s. Consequences to the society. For instance, they have to have DNA id tags that instantly tell you if you are related to someone, to avoid things like hitting on your grandmother from 8 generations back, which would still be alive and look 30. First Steps: again, just an idea to explore into a narrative.

  10. Aluminium spring loaded SD card to Micro SD card adapter that fits flush into the rMBP (pre late 2016 model obviously). This might be too late, since the new 2016+ models don't have an SD card slot sadly, but for the slightly older once this could be really nice. No more need to look for an SD to Micro SD adapter, since most people use micro SD anyway. It' would be important to be able to insert and remove the microSD card without having to remove the adapter from the slot. First Steps: check if this exists, last time I checked a few years ago, it didn't. Make a prototype and show it off on Kickstarter.