August 29, 2017

  1. Citizen scientist platform that allows scientists to post data gathering tasks that could be performed by average people. People and students interested in science can follow the instructions listed on the site to gather data, and post it on site. Eventually, when the paper is published, everyone who participated in the data gathering process will get credit on the site for helping. First Steps: this is a project that a University should take up. Check if it exists and if not, outline and propose it to a few research Universities.

  2. Alarm clock with podcast feature. Yes, app versions of just this exist, but it would be nice to have a physical alarm clock that can automatically download the latest podcasts from your list and start playing them to you as alarm. First Steps: look for this on Amazon, it must exist, and I need this. If not, this can be prototyped with Raspberry Pi or another single board computer.

  3. Adopt one of Agatha Christie's murder mystery books and set it on a spaceship. Something like "And Then There Were None" in space. I think she has brilliant stories, and I love SciFi, so this is a bit of a personal dream, but should be quite popular. First Steps: pick a story, write character treatments and a short script, pitch it.

  4. App for tracking locations and reviewing the menu of the local food trucks. The app would show the user a map with all of the local food trucks with their real time locations. The user can review the menu, and even order and pay directly through the app, and get a notification when their food is ready for pickup. They stop by, show their order ticket, and get the food. First Steps: mock up the app and talk to some food truck owners to see if they like the idea.

  5. Practical joke meditation app / YouTube video. Ok, this just for me to annoy people :) but I want a meditation video that suddenly plays scary animal sounds, just to annoy my wife. First Steps: just find some royalty free meditation music and pictures, make a video, and add scary sounds.

  6. Online word processor specifically designed for lawyers with local style forms and properly setup margins and line formatting. Attorneys have to file pleadings in a very specialized way, with numerical margins, and precise line spacing. It's possible to set up a good template in MS Word, but it's very fiddly and difficult to make it look perfect. Further, many new attorneys are used to the online apps and the SaaS concept. Create a word processor specifically designed for attorneys with online storage written in JavaScript or web ASM. First Steps: it's been a few years since I practiced law, so check what's new on the market. If this is not available, mockup a prototype, and test market it with friends.

  7. SaaS for product manufacturers and app developers that provides download section, forms, bug reports, and technical support ticketing system for their product or app. Basically an easy way to handle your tech support needs. Make money by offering to outsource some simple tech support issues to remote contractors. First Steps: check if already available, mockup a prototype and ask for feedback.

  8. Tree planting service that allows people to purchase a tree in the rain forest or other area of the world, and the company would purchase land in that area and maintain a tree or plant a new one. Basically like a gold ETF, but for trees. You become the legal owner of the said tree, and can visit it and can see pictures of it. First Steps: see if service like this already exists, maybe pitch it to some conservation groups.

  9. Podcast / YouTube rental studio space listing website. Website to standardize and list locally available studio space for creative online projects. First Steps: something like this honestly should exist already, but I haven't looked. I would design it so that you can book and take payment for the space directly through the app as well.

  10. Main brain for a racing quadcopter that includes a flight controller, receiver (FrSky or Spectrum or Proprietary protocol), VTX, OSD, DVR, and CCD camera all in one cube package with one digital high speed ESC output for up to 8 signals. First Steps: for once I know there is nothing like this currently on the market, even though all of the components are available separately. It's an easy project with some Kickstarter funding.