August 30, 2017

  1. NPR alarm clock. NPR needs money, and they have a valuable property people like, the Morning Edition. They can partner with another company and market an alarm clock that features the web accessible version of the Morning Edition. It's a simple idea that can bring some needed cash to NPR. First Steps: pitch the idea to NPR.

  2. Website to bring people together who want to make small budget movies. Basically people who don't have the money, but are passionate to make movies. The site can have categories for actors, special effects, camera, editors, etc. People can pitch in for credit and a stake in the final product. Monetize the site by offering representation and royalty distribution services. First Steps: check if this exists and if not, why not. Talk to some industry people.

  3. Attorney contract and motions template site. A site that allows attorneys to upload template contracts they created for various purposes and sell them to others. Basically like depositphotos for legal documents. First Steps: some forms of this exist, but none are user friendly or popular. Mockup a website and ask some attorneys if they would consider using it.

  4. Island fridge with slide out drawers. In many kitchens the fridge is shoved into a corner and many items are hard to access. Make a fridge that looks like a kitchen island, about 2.5 foot square, with drawers that open to both sides with stuff in them. First Steps: make a digital prototype and show it to people to get feedback.

  5. SaaS tool for unions. My friend is on strike right now, and their union has no tools to communicate with their 1,500 or so union members. They don't have discussion boards, no way to have poles, no way to really communicate with their members other than through email. Make a SaaS tool that solves some of the common problems of communication, dues collection, voting, document distribution, etc. First Steps: talk to several union leaders and see what their needs are. Make a free product that can be monetized with premium features.

  6. Podcast version of the Daily Skim, because who want's to read. Honestly, especially when you are just waking up. First Steps: pitch this to the Daily Skim people.

  7. Outfit creation site. A site that features thousands of clothing items from different clothing stores and outlets who are willing to dropship. Women and men who are into fashion can "test" order items from the site for a small fee for photoshoots, or purchase items outright. They then can create artistic outfit packages and post them on their own branded platform site, with options for their followers to buy the entire outfit, or individual items. They get paid a portion of all the sales. Monetize by taking a small cut. This can be a perfect way for some micro celebrities to make money with little effort. First Steps: don't know much about this space, find out more.

  8. Similar to above, but for camping gear and outdoors stuff. Many people are really into outdoor things, and many have blogs, but most blogs always link to Amazon because that's the easiest way to get monetizable links. Make a site that organizes monetizable links, and manages payment collection. Take a cut. First Steps: check if this exists, look at the margins and how to collect payment, make the site.

  9. WiFi and Bluetooth capable outlets and light switches. Something that can turn electricity on and off based on commands sent over BT or WiFi, and fits in a standard electrical box, so it can be installed in place of a normal outlet or light switch. This is very useful for business automation. First Steps: check if there are patents out on this and if anyone makes this already.

  10. Foot operated valve for a standard bathroom sink. Basically a solenoid battery or AC operated valve block that fits under a standard sink and is operated by stepping on a floor mounted switch. This is useful to save water in areas where water is a problem, such as here in the desert where water is delivered by truck. This can also be very useful in medical surgery rooms, because automatic sensors do not work nearly as well. First Steps: I have looked for this before, with no luck, but look again, and make a prototype.