August 31, 2017

  1. iPhone today app that shows scrip output on the today screen. This can be useful to show custom script outputs for server uptime scripts, traffic monitoring scripts, etc. Maybe combine it with picture display widget to show custom graphs. First Steps: there is nothing similar on the market at the moment except for a widget that grabs website pages, which is nice, but not perfect to script output, so just make it.

  2. "Things I have Done" app. This is simple, I have been trying to keep track of things I have done, rather than todo lists. It causes less stress in my life and keeps me more productive. An app for this would be interesting. An app where you can have categories, and ad items in categories with text and pictures about the things you have done that day. The app can track and show you your productivity chart over the last week, month, etc. First Steps: a daily journal app might work ok, and I have tested a few, but nothing like this, so maybe just make it.

  3. Cable tie strips using silicon tape. This one is simple, use silicon tape (commonly used for plumbing) to organize wires in desktop installs, etc. The tape only sticks to itself, and nothing else. Leaves no residue, and is nice to the touch. Can be made in black (logical choice for this use), any other color, or transparent. For cable organization purposes sell short thin strips of it in a package. First Steps: make a mockup product, sell it on ebay, and gather feedback.

  4. Oatmeal in a stackable bowl to be sold in university cafeterias. This might be done already, but I haven't seen it. Simply a cardboard bowl with oatmeal on the bottom 1/4 of the bowl, with cellophane covering it. Peal the cellophane, add water, microwave, add honey and fruit, eat. First Steps: make a product prototype, talk to food product producers about making it to see what the pricing could be like.

  5. Original art rental website to allow artists to post their art for rent rather than sale. The idea is to target trendy people who want to have art in their home, but they might be living in a city temporally, or maybe they are the kind of person that likes to move a lot, or maybe they are just not sure if they are going to like the same art piece a year from now. So, they can rend, rather than own. Rent will be set such that after 5 years of renting an item you would become its owner. First Steps: research if this already exists, and make a mock up if not, show to artists to garner feedback.

  6. Proper notes spp with nodes. This is more of a personal goal rather than an idea. I need to make an online application that would have a destruction free note tool on one side, and a node tree on the other side. Every note is also a node, and can have sub notes in it. Basically, every document can have sub documents, no folders. First Steps: I know this doesn't exists, at least not in the form I like, so I just need to do it. Write it perhaps in Node JS, since I have been meaning to do a project in that language, or PHP.

  7. Time release coffee pills. Ok, so I do not drink coffee, nor feel the need to, but my wife does, and she crushes often afterwards. Perhaps a time released caffeine pill that releases caffeine over a period of 8-10 ours would work really well to get people energetic without getting them jittery. First Steps: see what's on the market, and what kind of time released technology exists. There are a lot of pharma companies that are working on time release opioid solutions, maybe this could use similar tech.

  8. Desk Toy figurine that can be programmed to say things to announce new likes on FB or Reddit, or new subs or YouTube, etc. This can keep you from constantly checking those sites. Plus, as you, the reader, may have noticed, I like desk toys. First Steps: shove a Raspberry Pi or similar into a 3D printed toy and program it in Python.

  9. YouTube channel that shows people how to deal with dyslexia. Many people are taught all the wrong things when it comes to dyslexia. As someone with a pretty bad case of it, I have listened to all the experts, and tried all the methods, and none of it works. The Opendyslexic font doesn't work. None of the tricks and tips work. Stupidly and constantly trying to learn how to read DOES NOT WORK. What works is adopting, and dealing with it, rather than trying to fix it. This means having your computer read to you, having spell check turned on in every program, having contextual spell checking on, etc. First Steps: just make the videos when I have time to show parents and people what they can do to adopt.

  10. Small business that sells electric skateboard in college campuses. OK, this is not even all that creative, but it would totally work. Get a few boards, go to college and sell the things. Simple, stupid, if I am ever starving, that's what I am going to do.